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14 hours on Korean Air to Seoul and another 5 hrs to Hanoi, and we were finally in our hotel around 10 pm.  Kids did great, though 2 days later and they are still pretty jet lagged.  That 12 hrs. time difference is letting itself to be known.

Hanoi is our first introduction to Vietnam.  It’s an interesting mix of traditional, Communist, developing country and modernization and Westernization. It’s crowded, loud, lively, but with a reminiscent feel of old time.

In 2 days, we’ve walked all over the Old Quarters, took two tours – one, city tour with Hanoi Kids, which despite getting amazing reviews on TA, did not live up to its expectations, and a Hanoi Food Tour, which I would definitely recommend.

We went to Bat Trang Ceramic Village, where kids got to make their own pottery for a whooping $2/piece (add another $2 for clay burning and delivery to the hotel)

The girls loved the Water Puppet Show (do get tickets in advance, it almost sold out).

I enjoyed visiting the Temple of Literature, an ancient site of first university dedicated to Confucius.




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