Airlines that fly direct to Belize from the United States:

Southwest, Delta, American, United

Airlines that fly to San Pedro from Belize City

Tropic Air, Maya Air.  If booking with Tropic Air, check for the monthly discount code.
Water taxi is another transportation option to get to San Pedro from Belize City.

Belize Currency is Belize Dollar and at the time of this writing, the exchange rate is 1:2, meaning $1USD = $2BZD.  The American Dollar is widely accepted.  Expect to get back the change in Belize currency.   There are ATMs in bigger towns and you shouldn’t have any problems using your debit and credit cards.

The official language is English, though Spanish and Creole are widely used as well.

Dress Code is “Casual Island Dress”, but throwing on a nice shirt and a pair of dressy shorts or skirt when going out in the evening will not feel overdressed.

Service in the restaurants is very slow, unless you specifically tell your waiter/waitress that you need to be somewhere.  Just be prepared to wait for your meal.

Alcohol is expensive in the stores.  In San Pedro, the price of wine is double of the US.  Buy your liquor on arrival at the Duty Free shop.

The cost of dinner in San Pedro is about $150-$200 for a family of five.